God’s Light In Faith

Faith Plays a very important role in being a christian. It’s what makes us a christian. It’s where miracles happen and lives are changed. We need faith so God’s light can shine through us, and change the lives of those who may have never experienced God’s love. People who don’t know God are looking for him. When we have faith we can show them that God is real and that he loves them, just like he loves all of us. It helps others and lets God’s light shine through us. Our friends and family might need to see God’s love for them. People everywhere are going through different things. The best way for us to help is to show them God’s light the best we can. We can show God’s light in many different ways like singing in the choir at church or just inviting someone to church, These are all good ways to show God’s light. This is why our faith is so important, we need to show others that God loves them and wants them in his life.

Optional Activity: Title a paper “Things I Can Do To Show God’s Light”, Then make a list of things you can do and do them.

EX: (Title)

  • Invite someone to church
  • Tell friends and family you are praying for them

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